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Range Rovers are complex, heavy duty vehicles, and the cost of maintaining is high. Even basic replacement parts can be expensive and require expert labor to install. In addition, the quality control problems we hear so much about in relation to Range Rovers are unfortunately real. Range Rovers, especially 1993 and later models, are loaded with thousand-dollar parts, such as the ABS pumps, heated windshields, air suspension valve blocks, and the BeCM. Even having a single air spring replaced can cost $600 including labor. Unless you do much of the labour yourself and shop the aftermarket suppliers you need to budget a realistic, substantial sum annually for service. Annual repair expenses, exclusive of scheduled service items, can easily average at least $2,500 a year if nothing major goes wrong.


Most warranty companies, including the most well known providers, will not insure a Range Rover under any circumstances. Even harder to find are providers who will give an extended warranty when the vehicle is past its factory warranty period. To cap it off, some companies in the auto warranty field go in and out of business regularly, leaving their existing customers in an uncertain position. Two recent examples would be the recent controversy surrounding the most well known provider, Warranty Gold and the issues of another company, VIP Warranty.


Bumper to bumper coverage is the type of plan that dealers offer for a limited time on new vehicles. Also called "Exclusionary Coverage", this type of plan covers everything unless it is specifically "excluded" in the policy. Normally this type of coverage is almost impossible to get on vehicles that are already out of factory warranty, especially for Range Rovers. This type of plan is the most expensive, but offers the most comprehensive coverage. You will have to be the judge of whether the extra cost is worth it in your individual situation. Listed component coverage is the type of plan covers all components and systems listed in the policy. It is slightly less comprehensive than the "bumper to bumper" type of coverage, but is also  significantly less expensive. Sometimes it can closely approximates the bumper to bumper coverage once all the exclusions are accounted for. In the case of Range Rovers, it may sometimes be the best deal, because it often covers the systems that are typically the big budget repair items. Powertrain only coverage is usually the least expensive option for extended coverage. As the name suggests, it covers only the power train, which are usually pretty reliable in Range Rovers but when they do fail are very expensive to fix. If you feel you cannot afford the more comprehensive plans, the power train only coverage can at least protect you from the major, expensive vehicle disabling issues.


Land Rover dealers usually offer some form of extended coverage that you can purchase before your factory warranty expires. since dealers source their coverage from outside companies it may be less expensive to obtain a policy directly from one of the extended warranty providers directly. No matter what the source, all other things being equal, you will save money if you buy your extended warranty while your vehicle is still under its original factory policy. If your Range Rover's original warranty has expired, however, do not loose hope. Even though, as mentioned above, most of the well known insurers will not cover Range Rovers at all, especially if they are out of factory warranty, a few providers specialize in affordable high quality coverage for Range Rovers whether in or out of factory warranty.


Auto Advantage Inc offers extended warranties for Range Rovers of almost any age and mileage. Because it has established arrangements with 11 different insurance companies (all A rated or better), Auto Advantage Inc is able to offer a range of warranty options for Range Rovers, and help find the lowest cost plan that meets your needs. Coverage varies from 3 months to 7 years and from 3000 miles to Unlimited mileage. Auto Advantage Inc offers Power train Only, Listed Component, and "Bumper to Bumper" plans. All are top of the line plans with unusually comprehensive coverage and hassle free claim procedures.

Auto Advantage Inc President, Hal Moses, has been in the auto warranty business for almost 30 years, and is in it for the long run. He works mainly with "dealer based" programs which are not telemarketed like the typical hyped plans you will come across on the internet. He supplies warranties to over 1,000 automobile dealers, so he has established the buying power to get you the lowest cost deal available. In order to succeed with dealer type warranties, the programs have to be unusually comprehensive, have simple, hassle free claim procedures and be free of user complaints. Hal's business strategy is to deal only in trouble free programs with solid companies. He does not want to spend his days dealing with problems from customers instead of selling auto warranties. He checks out the insurer's reputation, record, financial strength and many other factors before accepting business from them. He seems to have succeeded. In eight years I have yet to hear a single complaint from any of the scores of customers who have bought one of his warranties.

To find out about the various options and settle on a plan that suits your particular situation, email or Call Hal at 800-933-9190 and tell him what Range Rover model and year you have to get rapid quotes on the various plans available. Please make sure you tell him you were referred by Hal has kindly offered to help sponsor this website based on the number of referrals he receives from us.


    Cylinder Block Cylinder Head(s) and all internally-lubricated parts contained within the engine including: Pistons, Piston Rings, Connecting Rod Bearings, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Main Bearings, Camshaft Bearings, Cam Followers, Timing Chain or Belt, Timing Gears/Guides, Tensioners, Rocker Arms, Rocker Shafts, Rocker Bushings, Cylinder Head Valves, Valve Guides, Valve Lifters, Valve Springs, Valve Seals, Valve Retainers, Valve Seats, Push Rods, Water Pump, Oil Pump and Oil Pump Housing, Harmonic Balancer, Oil Pan, Timing Chain Cover, Intake and Exhaust Manifolds, Valve Covers, Engine Mounts, Seals and Gaskets, Factory installed Turbochargers/Superchargers, including Housing, Internal Parts, Seals and Gaskets.

    Transmission Case and all Internal Parts plus: Torque Converter, Flywheel/Flex Plate Vacuum Modulator, Eectronic Shift Control Unit, Transmission Cooler, Transmission Mounts, Oil Pan, Seals and Gaskets.

    Transfer Case and All Internal Parts, Seals and Gaskets.

    (Front and Rear) Drive Axle Case, All Internal Parts contained within the Drive Axle, Locking Hubs, Drive Shafts, Universal Joints,  Constant Velocity Joints, Axle Bearings, Four-Wheel Drive Actuator, Differential Cover Seals and Gaskets.

    Engine Cooling Fan and Motor, Fan Clutch, Belt Tensioner, Radiator, Heater Core, Thermostat, Blower Motor, Hot Water Valve.

    All Internal Parts contained within the Steering Box, Rack and Pinion Gear, Power Steering Pump, Power Steering Hoses, Steering Knuckles, Pitman Arm, Idler Arm, Tie Rod Ends and Drag Link, Upper and Lower Steering Column Shafts and Couplings, including Internal Tilt-Wheel Mechanism, Steering Box and Rack and Pinion Gear Housings, Seals and Gaskets, Rear Wheel Steering: Rear Steering Shaft and Couplings, Power Cylinder and Pump, Electronic Control Unit solenoid, Phase Control Unit, Stepper Motor, Steering Box, Control Valve, Rack, Tie Rod Ends, Seals and Gaskets.

    Master Cylinder, Power Brake Cylinder, Vacuum Assist Booster, Hydro Boost, Disc Brake Caliper, Wheel Cylinders, Compensating Valve, Brake Hydraulic Lines and Fittings, Hydraulic Control Unit, Seals and Gaskets. The following ABS Parts are also covered: Electronic Control Processor, Wheel Speed Sensors, Hydraulic Pump/Motor Assembly, Pressure Modulator Valve/Isolation Dump Valve, Accumulator, Seals and Gaskets.

    Alternator, Voltage Regulator, Starter Motor, Starter Solenoid and Timing Control Unit, Electronic Ignition Module, Crank Angle Sensor, Knock Sensor, Ignition Switch, Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder, Front and Rear Window Wiper Motor, Washer Pump and Switch, Stop Lamp Switch, Headlamp Switch, Turn Signal Switch, Heater/A.C. Blower Speed Switch, Manual Heater/A.C. Control Assembly, and Horns.

    Fuel Pump, Fuel Injection Pump and -Injectors, Vacuum Pump, Fuel Tank, Fuel Tank Sending Unit, Metal Fuel Delivery Lines.

    Condenser, Compressor, Compressor Clutch and Pulley, Air Conditioning Lines and Hoses, Evaporator, Idler Pulley and Idler Pulley Bearing, High/Low Compressor Cutoff Switch, Expansion Valve, Pressure Cycling Switch, Seals and Gaskets. The following parts are also covered if they are required in connection with the repair of a covered part listed above: Accumulator/Receiver Dryer, Orifice Tube, Oil and Refrigerant.

    Front and Rear Suspension: Upper and Lower Control Arms, Control Arm Shafts and Bearings or Bushings, Upper and Lower Ball Joints, Radius Arm and Bushings, Torsion Bars and Mounts or Bushings, Stabilizer Bar, Links and Bushings, Struts, Spindle and Spindle Support, Wheel Bearings, and Seals and Gaskets. Variable Dampening Suspension: Compressor, Control Module, Actuator, Solenoid, Height Sensor, Mode Selector Switch, Seals and Gaskets.

    Automatic Climate Control Programmer, Electronic Instrument Cluster, Mileage Computer, Distributor, Ignition Coil, Electronic Combination Entry System (Does Not Include Transmitters and Receivers for Remote Locks), Cruise Control Module, Transducer, Servo and Amplifier, Powertrain Control Module, Headlamp Motors, Power Window Motor, Power Seat Motor, Power Mirror Motor, Power Antenna Motor/Mast Assembly, Convertible Top Motor, Power Sunroof Motor, Power Window Switch, Cruise Control Engagement Switch, Power Seat Switch, Power Mirror Motor Switch, Rear Defogger Switch, Power Door Lock Actuator and Switch.