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There is half the price offer on Diamond Gloss from Ziebart in my town ,
Any experiences with this service to share? does this product hurt the paint ?
or you recommend the traditional wax
any input is appreciated ;)

Here is how those people promote for the diamond gloss ,which sounds too good to be true

Diamond Gloss uses space-age technology to seal and protect your paint.
Protects against aging, weathering and even acid rain.
Backed by Ziebart's national warranty.
Not a wax or a silicon polish, but new proprietary technology for
automotive finishes.
Never dulls and never needs waxing.
Protects the value of your vehicle while it protects the finish.
Diamond Gloss is an exclusive product of Ziebart International Corporation.
Diamond Gloss Protects your vehicle from the effects of:
Acid Rain
Damaging UV rays
Water spotting
Bird droppings
Bug splatters
Tree sap
Mud & dirt
When you purchase Diamond Gloss you get more than Paint Protection!
Complete chemical bath
Removal of contaminants
Polish to maximum shine
Hand apply Diamond Gloss
Machine spread product
Buff to maximum Gloss
Detail with micro fiber cloth
Remove windshield contaminants
Apply Aquapel Glass Treatment
Clean & dress wheels and tires
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