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My name is Willy, I live in France.

I bought recently (6 months) a D3 of 230000 kilometers (gearbox had never been drained)

From the beginning, I had problems of idle speed variation in steady speed.
I made a first drain.
The problems faded slightly, but were still present.
I changed the torque converter.
The D3 has been metamorphosed in terms of driving and consumption. I thought my problems were solved.

5000 kilometers later, I had a jerk in the transmission at the approach of a stop. I had the "default transmission" information on the dashboard (and the P0741 fault code with my IIDtool).
I stopped the car. When I restarted it, there was no problem.

Since, I realized that sometimes the transmission does not work optimally (in this case, if I put my shifter on sport or in commandshift mode, there is nothing indicated on the board of edge - neither the term "sport", nor the gear on which I am).

At each start of the car, there is never a problem. However, I never know when the defect will reappear.

Since then, code P0741 has been displayed only 3 or 4 times. I had about twenty times the display of the transmission fault.

I think the ideal would be to change the solenoid TCC, but I would like to have your advice before I start the operation.

Do you know where I can buy a solenoid (and possibly other parts to change)?

Do you have a modus operandi to change this part to provide me?

In advance, thank you for your answer

PS:I think you'll understand, I do not speak English very well ...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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