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Zero compression on 1 cylinder

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Hi all the garage told me that one cylinder had no compression at all. it has been using alot of oil and we both suspected the rings have gone what do people think? I have just had the head gaskets done and it has been using alot of oil lots of blue smoke and the 2 middle plugs on the driver side are wet with oil? all other compressions are 80-100. Just 1 is Zero.
do i have any options?
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onetime said:
all other compressions are 80-100. Just 1 is Zero.
80-100 is too low would have thought they should all be around 170-180 at least.

I don't really know what they should be but 1 is Zero i am thinking new engine time
As Col says 80 - 100 is very low. Did you do the compression test, or the garage?

If you did it was it done hot or cold? Was the throttle fully open and was that the reading on the 1st compression stroke or after the 2nd/3rd compression stroke ie maximum value achieved?

Low compression could be the rings/bores or could also be problems with the valves. Were the valves reground when the heads were done?

You may get away with a basic rebuild - just replacing the rings, honing the bores and lapping in the valves - only inspection of the internals will allow you to find out. Was any of this inspected when the heads were off?
Hi thanks for the response, the garage did the test not sure if it was hot or cold, i sold the car today as spares or repair as did suspected a rebuild was needed and didn't have the funds got a good price. I posted just to make sure it would be a rebuild when they came to get it it was running quite well, feels like a bit of me just left oh well thats life and thanks you everybody who has helped over the years, at least it was a rebuild that was needed not something else, i could have done with out paying an an hourly rate.
thats it the end.
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