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Here is the deal guys.......
I made a new bumper to sell, it is the one with the larger clevis' and mostly preformed to make fabbing easier.
Here is my dilemma.......
The missus walks out to the shop and asks " why cant we put that on our Range Rover" when she see's the one I just made with our eldest boy 8-0=
So, interest will dictate the results. I will sell the "test" bumper for $250 plus actual shipping :thumb:
It will come with all bolts etc. Basically it is used, and has the smaller clevis' (2"x1" as opposed to 3"x1")
Fits like a glove and has more time into it than any of the others due to all the edges having box section around them as opposed to a break in a "U" shape.
The new style is nearly 3 times more than the "test mule' one. :think:
So, New style in a mild bedliner finish for @$700 plus shipping, or old faithful for $250 plus shipping?
Here is the build thread with all the pics etc...
Thoughts/offers guys?

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