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Hiya All

As we all now enter into Christmas time which is a season of reflection of the past year and good will to all men.
Many will apreciate what a really troubled and turbulant year it has been for BBS, being based in Cyprus and having our government steal our money / working capital.

It would be so easy to just complain about all the bad things.

However this year, despite all else, i was trully blessed when this appeared on my door step while i was building a car port


very soon this turned into this


Sadly, due to the mum having been dumped and her milk being infected, pretty soon all that survived was this.


The vet gave this last surviving pup a life expectancy of less than an hour before i would have to also end up burying this beside it's already dead brother and sister.

It took a really huge amount of effort, attitude, arrogance, ego if you like and even a P38 driven like it was stolen to make a change.

but by some miricle we somehow managed


We call her poppie and she is now never ever far away from me


The full story of poppie is told with many more pictures on most other forums i frequent.

I would wish a Very Merry Christmas to all and good will to all men and their dogs.

Despite any other aspect, or reason, it just seems wrong for me to not also share any of this with all members of this forum.

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What a great story, thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas to you BBS.


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Glad to see they are all doing well! Merry Xmas to all of you too!

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