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Would [email protected] cause the compressor to run continuously?

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So, I've replaced all air bags recently, but I'm still having issues with the car going down overnight and compressor running all the time.

I've done the soapy water test, and discovered a leak at the top of the air dryer. Depending on how I touch the airline, the leak can be large enough to be audible. Other times, the leak can only be observed with soapy water.

The question is, would this leak be enough to cause the compressor to go on almost continuously?
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Re: Would [email protected] cause the compressor to run continuously?

In a word, No.
The dryer is only 'pressurised' when the compressor is running, (which in your case happens to be all the time), or when the system is venting, when the air flows in the opposite direction, to remove moisture from the desiccant within the dryer.
On a system that works correctly the air line to the dryer is not under pressure when the system is static. In fact, the top airline joint becomes a test point where owners can practise the correct way of removing and re-inserting an airline.

When the dryer joints are in a position not to leak I'm afraid there is something else causing the compressor to run continuously.

Obviously I think it's a side issue, but have you made sure the pipe is going down through BOTH O-rings in the dryer port. You should feel two resistance steps as each ring is passed. If in doubt, release the pipe completely, make sure there are no burrs or score marks on the pipe, and remake the joint, feeling each O-ring give way as the pipe goes through it.

Good Luck
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Re: Would [email protected] cause the compressor to run continuously?

Thanks for the comment. As some air is leaking from the top of the dryer even while the engine is turned off, probably means that I have a valve block leak somewhere. Any idea whether an overhaul is in order, or is there smaller things that I can look at first, with the air leaking slowly into the dryer.
Re: Would [email protected] cause the compressor to run continuously?

overhaul, and re-face the inlet valve (2nd from the front).
Re: Would [email protected] cause the compressor to run continuously?

I suppose it's about time to do an overhaul, considering that my Rover is almost at 150k mark. Anyhow, is it a conservative figure to say that a valve block overhaul takes about 4-5 hours?

Also, when you say reface the inlet valve, is just a simple hand polish with cloth good enough? Or, some form of mechanical polishing method is in order.
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