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Worn leather on drivers seat on '08 HSE.

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I have a white '08 HSE with cream interior. I have noticed that on my drivers seat, the leather appears to be getting worn and losing its color. This is from nothing more than my wife getting in and out of the vehicle. Normal stuff. Others have complained about the stain from blue jeans in this same spot. We get that too. However, the spot seems to be getting "worn out". I have never had leather wear out like this. Especially on a $90k car. Do you think this is something that should be covered under warranty? Anyone else have this problem with their cream drivers seat?
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Do you think this is something that should be covered under warranty?
yes IMHO.
wulfraat said:
Do you think this is something that should be covered under warranty?
yes IMHO.
I had the same problem with cream leather, only after 15,000 miles, it started to wear near the piping. They replaced the seat covering under warranty. Done another 12,000 miles and its happened again but now out of manufacturers warranty! Poor quality hide for an expensive motor...shame but nothing surprises me with LR!
Following an audit of their warranty claims for worn leather (see below and attachment), Land Rover very recently released a SSM to its dealer network, so expect the service advisor to put up a bit of a fight - blaming you rather than the quality of their seats - before agreeing to replace leather seats under warranty... They may no longer get reimbursed by LR for certain worn leather conditions. Some of them are obvious (pen marks, spillages, cuts), but some others are definitely subject to dealer "interpretation", such as ingress/egress wear, poor appearance, etc. :?

SSM 42749

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LJ - Discovery Series I
LP - Range Rover
LM - New Range Rover
LN - Freelander
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Title Leather Seat Warranty Claim Policy. All Land Rover Models
Last Modified 10-NOV-2009 14:34
Category Body
Symptom 101000 Seating
Leather Seat Warranty Claim Policy guidelines and reminder.

Following an audit of leather seat cover returns, attached are examples of inappropriate leather seat cover warranty claims which will not be paid. The cost to repair non-warrantable defects should be charged to the customer.

The guidelines below are to be used by Land Rover and our suppliers to review all warranty issues. Land Rover will only accept warranty claims as a result of manufacturing defects in the leather. The list below is an example of issues that would not be accepted under the terms of the Land Rover Warranty agreement.

Please Note: The list below is an example of concerns and does not fully represent all non warrantable customer concerns. Please refer to the attached file for Photographic examples of each defect detailed below

Dye migration (from non-colour fast clothing or accessories).
Cuts or abrasions not noted at the pre-delivery inspection (PDI).
Ingress / egress wear.
Poor appearance. Leather cracking or ageing.
Cigarette burns.
Pen marks or other driver-induced defects.
Spillages or staining.

Leather is a natural material and should be maintained using only Land Rover approved cleaners. The use of chemicals or abrasive materials must be avoided. Using products such as detergents, household cleaners, solvents, gasoline, white spirits, alcohol, etc. can lead to rapid deterioration of the leather, invalidating the warranty.

If you have any questions regarding this Bulletin, please contact your Regional Technical Manager.


Update. Today I went to the dealer and spoke to the service manager. He agreed to replace my leather on my drivers seat. He said that I could do this only 1 time during warranty. He said that this is a common issue with the cream interiors and that I should expect the same thing to happen again. He suggest that I wait a little bit till it gets worse seeing that he can only do this as a customer service once.
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