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Wooo! Could be an expensive day...

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Just dropped my sport off for some service, for some reason thought the brakes might be covered under warranty (ridiculous I know), anyway the SA seemed like a good guy and was willing to cut me a deal on a thing or two. Here's hoping it's under 2 g's....
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Get an estimate, you can always say no.
was that a scheduled service? How many miles?
I need the brakes looked at because at low speeds I'm getting a squeeling noise (found the tsb for the rear brake pads) and he said that it may just be that the brakes need replacing cause they only last for 20-30 thousand miles. But I'm hoping it's what the tsb is for. That's mainly what's going to cost me, everything else is all warranty stuff.
don't pay 2k just for brakes and a couple sensors. that's just ridiculous! i have a local shop that can do the job for way under 1k. let me know if your in the LA area.
Thanks man, I wish I was in the LA area, I love LA. Luckily the brakes didn't need to be replaced and $54 later my sport is good as new.
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