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Okay, so as I posted in my introduction, I have a '93 SWB. It has been through several owners, and has had tons of "improvements" made to the wiring. When we (husband and I) first bought it, we literally removed about five pounds of wires that were just connected to the battery and being run down the inside of the body. We had kill switches that went to nothing, so on and so forth.

Anyway, now we are in the process of trying to clean up all of the wiring in the Rangie, but we have run in to some problems. All of the electrics were working correctly, but all of a sudden the sunroof will not work, the a/c quit, the turn signals will only work if you push in the hazard lights, and the hazard lights don't work at all. All of this happened at the same time, not just the same day, I mean the exact same moment. However, the windows and door locks all still work.

I checked all of the fuses, and they are all fine. So, we pulled apart the dash and steering column to check to see if there was a loose connection or something. Needless to say, we found a rat's nest of wires. We are trying to track down what is factory, and what is an "improvement" made by a previous owner.

Anyway, does this sound like a wiring problem, or something else? If it is a wiring issue, do you suggest that we buy a new wiring harness and get down to business, or just continue trying to track down the issue with the current wiring? Any help or suggestions are welcome.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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