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Wiring harness replacement...

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My mother just took in her '04 RR to an independent shop for an oil service, and to check on a "check engine" light that came on a few days ago...

The shop owner traced the CEL to a faulty sensor in the cooling system, and came to the conclusion that the wiring harness needs to be replaced! He says its $2600 for a new wiring harness, and about the same in labor so about a $5k repair job...

I find it hard to believe that a simple wiring fault could turn into such a pricey repair... does anyone know if there is a recall out for the wiring harness? Has anyone had similar issues with the Mk3 RR?


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Just got off the phone with the mechanic...

Apparently the thermostat heater failed, which overheated the wiring and damaged wires in the harness bundle... He said it may be possible to splice in new wires, but because there is so much wiring in a tight place it would probably be safer to replace the entire harness.!!

Fortunately he sourced a used wire harness for $1,000... which although is still pricey, beats the $2600 from a $tealer...

Does anyone know of a better price on the harness? Has anyone else had this issue??

Someone handy with a high quality soldering iron, good solder, heat shrink tubing and a few hours of time can to this repair for next to nothing. I have done it several times over the years.

Unless it is really melted I would fix it, not replace it.
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