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Wiring for Rear Defroster and Wiper

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Hi - I just got a 1991 RRC and am sorting out a few things. The prior owner installed a new rear window but the defroster and rear window wiper aren’t plugged in. There are a few wires with harnesses dangling from the top of the window but I can’t figure out how to plug them in. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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rave is your best option, defrost wires are normally 14 gauge and can be purple or brown, then you have power lock and possible 3rd brake light. wiper is totally independent said harness.
Defrost will be two wires.... one on each side coming out of headliner. 95 is right on the color.
The wires are all there. Where do they plug into the car? Thanks
They will be above the head liner, you'll need to drop the headliner down bit to find them.
It looks like the colored wires match up, but not the harnesses. Could the back window be from a different year? Should I just splce the like-colored wires? Thanks for your help.
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second picture black and green are third brake brake light signal, pink wires are upper tailgate power lock/unlock signal, first picture the connector you are showing is behind the headliner on the upper right.
the flat insulated cable on last picture in a defrost connector.
take a look into the rave, it will provide lost of insight. if you don't have it yet, look at the stickies above for info on how to down load.
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