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I finally got round to replacing the coils (4.6 v8, Bosch) - it had been misfiring on 5+8 - it seems to have "cured" it, other than a couple of times when I was out for a drive. Going to see how it settles down (and maybe switch the nearly-new sparkplugs round, just in case.)

Anyway, to the point!

When removing the connector from one of the coils, I accidentally "fired" the metal lock wire thing *Somewhere*. Despite searching, I can't find it.... I've "borrowed" one from the idle valve (I think - the one right on the top of the engine!) connector - but... does anyone know if/where/etc I can get a replacement?

It's this:
2016-04-16 13.51.41.jpg

Bit annoying! Suggestions welcome though...

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