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Winter Grill Cover

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Does anyone use a winter grill cover, radiator cover, grill muff, or whatever else you want to call 'em? Last year I used cardboard, but this year I wanted something a little more durable. I've looked online for them, but the universal ones are always too big for a '95 RRC LWB. Any ideas? Does someone have one they purchased somewhere and can point me in the right direction?

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I was told it was easy and cheap to buy a Defender MOD one and mod (pun not initially intended) it yourself to fit your range rover. It's also that way got the flap in the middle. I'm planning on doing the same with my discovery.
Thanks, Tango. I've decided to make my own out of heavy duty black vinyl. I'll put metal grommets around the perimeter to aid in attaching it to the grill. I just couldn't find anything and I'd hate to spend so much money just to cut it up.

A Canadian buddie of mine cut a piece of lexan (plexiglass) to fit over his grill and headlamps. He installed a small "U" channel behind the bumper on the finisher panel. he drops the lexan into the u channel and that hold the bottom on place. At the top he made two long metal brackets that curve up and over the slam panel and that hold the top in place when the hood is closed. The lexan protects his lamps and grlil from winter road gravel while allowing for speedy warm ups.

Clear as mud?
"winter road gravel" must be from out west
RRToadhall, pretty good idea. Sounds like a good alternative.

Diggaz, winter road gravel must be a midwest thing. On the east coast, I hear of the roads being salted. Here in Colorado we use road gravel. It cuts out the rusty undercarriage, but is usually good for at least one windshield a season.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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