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So, my new (03) RR has a floppy mirror. Searched quite a bit on here and another forum. Seems a common problem.
So I took the mirror to bits to see what the problem is.
Not sure if its been posted before or not but in my case the problem was the 2 lugs on the bottom of the motor are broken.
The worm drive gears are in good order, but they look fragile too. Although they are made of metal.

Its farily easy to remove the mirror from the car (remove the door card, unplug wires, remove 3 bolts).

Do not try and remove the mirror glass without proper tools - mine broke!!! (good job I had a new mirror on order).

Anyway, as my old mirror was scrap I tried looking at how to fix the motor lugs, but sadly I was not able to find any way. The meal is too soft to weld and the lugs are very small.

I tried to glue the motor back in place, which worked just fine it was held in with CA glue and a compound. However, this then interfered with the motor where it slots back into the housing, so although it was now held in place when I did the housing back up the mirror was not able to fold in.

So, if you have this problem and you want to "lock" your mirror out but keep all other functions ok then use some CA glue on the motor where it should sit on its lugs, spread a CA compound around the base of the motor and add the CA. Then file the CA flat so its flush with the fitment and bolt it all back up. You will find its as solid as a rock!

If you dont want to do that, then its a new mirror from LR!
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