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windshield cutouts do allow radar detector to work

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Just completed a 1000 mile freeway trip in my 2016 with solar attenuated glass. I can confirm that when mounted by the rear view mirror in the cutout space , a radar detector (in my case a Valentine 1) works fine with no loss of sensitivity.
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That is where I have mine mounted...no issues...
Do you have it installed on the small clear cutout area or the larger cutout area in the blacked out section of the windshield?
Have mine in the blacked out larger section. Won’t fit in the smaller clearer cut out.
PIcs please?
Is this a different type of windshield than in my new 2018? My Escort sits on top of the dash and works fine. Just curious.
Don't know why it would be. However this thread if for folks that mount their detectors up by the mirror utilizing the cutouts.
GREAT subject...I thought this would be my last Range Rover, because I can no loner use my radar detector...NOW...
Can you advise how to mount the radar detector on that cut out? No suction cup will fit there, even if I try to install upside down...Please help advising how to you put your detector in that location.
Thanks a lot.
Just be careful as not to block the "camera and/or sensor" that faces out the windshield that is located on the forward facing side of the mirror (can only be seen from outside windshield looking in)...

I do know that the cut-out in this location is for something in the rearview mirror that controls the Auto Sensing Wiper Speed and even though my Sport isn't equipped with the Adaptive Cruise Cruise control feature... I have a suspicion that aforementioned camera/sensor might in addition to running the wiper system it may also partly play into the Parking Aid System and possible even the Adaptive Cruise Control System as well. I know about the sensing radar in the front bumper Adaptive Cruise Control works off of too. I only say this as when I had my Radar detector up high just underneath that windshield cut-out that is cut just in front of the rearview mirror's forward line of sight for it's sensor... that the wipers had a mind of their own and ran violently fast no matter what setting I turned them to... they were in full-dumbass mode. I then placed the Radar Detector lower and the problem went completely away while still allowing the Auto Sensing Wipers to operate normally and thus made the speed settings responsive again. Radar Detector is very responsive and works well.

I needed to repair and/or replace a camera on my front bumper due to road debris knocking it out of it's bracket. I called my dealer and asked did they have said front camera in stock and if not could they give me a part number? He said there are 3 camera's in the front and was adamant about it. Afterwards I looked thru the windshield outside-in and sure enough there is a camera/sensor on the forward facing side of the rearview mirror. The fact that the Dealership guy called it a camera made me think it may be somehow intertwined into other systems such as the Parking Aid System and maybe even the Adaptive Cruise System (for those vehicle equipped therewith). I don't think I would use that system even "IF" I had that option because I'm a control freak and would never be able to fully relax myself though... I know lots here enjoy the use thereof and rightly so if they are comfortable with it.

I could be totally wrong but just make sure the Adaptive Cruise isn't affected or any speed sensing ability, following traffic/distance, or braking component the Adaptive Cruise Control System isn't affected or partially handicapped by placing a radar detector too close like my placement thereof affected my Auto Sensing Wiper's function speed setting control and operation was.

ETA: I forgot to add this, duh... That mentioned camera/sensor also controls the Auto High Beam Controls as well... I cannot believe I forgot to add that!
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