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Thank you to the community for helping me with the repainting of my windshield cowl. Not only was it ugly/faded, I had the dreaded "buzzing" sound when going 55+ MPH. The guy I bought it from also had lost all four tabs (not the correct term) that hold it in.

Here are the steps I took along with the tools needed:

1> Place tape on the windshield behind each wiper and mark their location with a pen. Also mark with tape on each wiper as to which is passenger and driver.

IMG_1649.jpg IMG_1649.jpg

2> Remove the plastic cover of the wiper arm, exposing the nut and washer.

3> Remove nut and try to remove washer before lifting wiper arm from bolt. I recommend this so you don't launch the washer and spending 20 minutes looking for it when apply force to lift.

4> Mark lines on exposed "Boss" with white Sharpie to note it's position. Use tie-rod remover to easily pull off. I rented this puller from AutoZone. No need to purchase.

5> remove both passenger and driver vents/drains from under cowl. No tool needed, just pull.

6> Start lifting up on cowl, being careful of A-Pilers. Cowl has clips underneath that just pull out when using force.

7> Clean cowl. I used Simple Green and nylon brush I found from Home Depot.

8> Tape off the rubber trim using 3M "green" automotive tape. You could paint the rubber seam that touches the window, but I wanted contrast, plus didn't know if paint on rubber will flake off.

9> Use some type of black spray paint for plastic.I went with Trim paint, and used 6-7 layers. Not a huge fan of this paint as it looked spray painted. Other plastic paints might have gone on better. (I let dry for 3 hours before handling)

10> Clean windshield

11> Add 3M weatherstrip adhesive to the backside of the rubber before placing cowl back in for installation.

12> reinstall cowl and install four new Land Rover snap in buttons (CYC000010). This is optional, but I was missing two and the other two turned white. Dont't forget to install the two drains (passenger and driver).

13> reinstall wiper arms, lining up the "boss" with the lines you made earlier. The tape on the windshield and outline will make install much faster.


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Thanks for the DIY step-by-step!
I've had a new cowl to replace my old one for a while now, but haven't installed it yet because I haven't thought of how to remove the "bosses". When I had the wind shield replaced, the installer said he didn't know where to get the "special tool". I'll just borrow a tie rod end tool from Autozone and do it... soon.
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