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Wind Noise at 100km/h

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When I drive my 96 4.6HSE at exactly 100km/h i experience horrible wind noise it sounds like its coming from the top of the windscreen but im not 100% was just wodering if anyone else had the same problem and please dont tell me to drive faster or slower :D


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That's a P38 classical : upper rubber strip.

I tried to glue mine but doesn't work. I need to replace it
Just as a Point of Interest.

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Is that the rubber seal between the front windscreen and the body?
Yes it is.
If you're not sure try the tape test. Tape it all along and run, you'll know

BTW, do you think i can only replace the clips?
996TURBO said:
BTW, do you think i can only replace the clips?
Might be worth a try as the clips are only 90p each and the Trim is £42.00 but it may have the clips included wouldn't know for sure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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