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Currently, I have a 2008 RRS HSE (off lease mid-2010). I will be ordering a 2010 RRS HSE to replace it. I have 2 kids and a new puppy that will be 130-150 lbs when fully grown. Thus I need outside cargo space!!

So I want to add an Expedition Roof Rack to my new Sport when it comes in next year (no I will not put the kids or the dog on the roof :naughty:).

In other threads, there has been some comments (but nothing confirmed) about wind noise coming from the Expedition Roof Rack on the RRS. Does anyone have any first hand experience?

My current RRS is very quiet and have read that the 2010's are even quieter - I would hate to ruin this.

There is also some debate on whether one needs roof rails or not for the Expedition Roof Rack (I have read that it is "either/or"). Would be interested if anyone had an opinion on which looks better and operates better (i.e. with or without the rails).

Anyone been there done that?


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I believe the expert in this matter is currently offroading in West Texas.

Btw, by the time you get the 2010, there should be an additional option to the factory version from Bajaracks available.

Honestly, anything on the roof if you're going over 50 mph is gonna make some noise--it comes down to degrees and I have no experience with the expedition rack. Sometimes a wind deflector helps on a naked rack, but I have found in past experiments it just changes the pitch.

If you do put the kids up there, just don't get caught

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Wow...what a trip to Big Bend for Thanksgiving, just back and would highly recommend it to anyone with an appetite for adventure. The drive along the Rio Grande is simply spectacular, and the park is immense. Looks like we just missed the snowfall by 1 day...camping along the river was superb.

So...addressing a couple of the questions on the roof racks situation.

The expedition rack is somewhat noisy - the versions I have seen mount without the roof rails, so if you're on to a good deal for the rack with all of the mounting hardware, it may be a good solution for you. With the kids and the dog, I'm not sure you'll hear too much noise, but it's noticeable. As with all items, you'll get used to it over time, but precisely because of that issue, I chose to go with the Bajarack Megamule.

On the Bajarack I'm running (original version - we're designing the new one, will sit even lower and will be just a tad wider), I've got it positioned so that I literally do not have any roof noise. I've had the vehicle up to significant speeds at which point, I'll hear some mild noise, but for cruising at 70-80...it's perfect. The thing I like about the Bajarack vs. the Expo Rack is that it has a full floor, with spacing about 4 inches apart, while the Expo rack has much larger gaps.

There are some pics out there...once I sort thru the latest trip, I'll post a few more.
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