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Will This Engine Fit?

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I have a 1991 Euro (Spain) RRC with 5-speed, VIN SALLHABM8HA603761, Engine No. 35D04538A (3.9L). It's a very tired engine that just started using coolant, so stopped using it *before* overheating, will pull it for overhaul. That will take a while, so I found a used engine from a 1991 Automatic RRC VIN SALHV124XMA603556, Engine No. 38D19082A (3.9L), 90kmi., Compressions 150-160.

Will I be able to drop this engine in place of my original, so I can use the truck while rebuilding the original? Seems like it should, but wanted to double-check before laying out the bucks for the 38D. Thanks for any help.
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Yeah, i'll bolt in no problem. All the 3.5, 3.9, and 4.2L will go in no problem.
Thanks much for the info.
Note that the transfer box ratio is different between auto and manual transmissions. In case you get tempted to swap in the transmission (which involves much more work), is suggest you think long and hard about that change. Engine is much more straight forward as said.
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