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Will these 20" wheels fit?

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Hi Range Rover Fans!
Just found a nice 1998 4.6 HSE...
Will be posting more soon, but wanted to start with this question...
Will these wheels fit on this car?
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This wheel spec was taken from The Tire Rack for a 1998 4.6 HSE
20 x 8.5
Offset: 35mm
Backspacing: 6.18"
Bolt Pattern: 5-120
Rec. Tire Size:255/50-20

And here are the ones from the ones on Craigs list...
20 x 9.5
Offset: 40mm
Bolt Pattern: 5-120
Tire Size:255/50-20

Does the extra width make it a no go?
What about adding a spacer?
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There was never a spec 20" wheel for a P38.

The wheels you're looking at will stick out past the wheel well, and rub at access height.
OP, please read posts on rims etc. Pay attention to bits rings and your nuts.
rrtoadhall said:
OP, please read posts on rims etc. Pay attention to bits rings and your nuts.
Not sure I understand... I did a search and saw that much wider tires fit ok, so was thinking that this might work..
Please explain?
non spec wheels may require hubcenteric rings and different lug nuts.
Lugs and rings are not a problem...
Was hoping someone could say yay or nay...
I already said nay.

You're looking for someone to say yay.

KeyRange said:
Lugs and rings are not a problem...
Was hoping someone could say yay or nay...
Yes, they will fit, However you will need a few things

1. Hubcentric rings, without these not only will the car ride bad but you will destory the suspension quickly.

2. New Lug nuts. Dont Waste money on cheap lugs either. They will rust and get stuck.

3. Be carefull where you get them balanced, I have had a lot of rovers with after market wheels and I have learned that not all whell places can balance larger wheels correctly.

My previous rovers with wheels,
The black wheels were my favorite ones


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No. They won't fit. They'll look just like yours did and stick out of the wheel wells. If he has a hard fault he won't be able to drive home on it.

If he had coils, I wouldn't be so inclined to say no. But to my knowledge he doesn't, and he's just asking for trouble.

Plus...I don't want to see another ghetto'd out Range Rover. Stupid kids and their rims.
Stupids Kids???

If this place didn't sensor I would have a few choice words with you.
Closed, Narrow minded individuals.....

Anyway, with this thread you know the benefits and non benefits to what you are wanting to do my friend. I did it and I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the look of it.

The bump stop problem is not a problem as long as you dont increase the diameter of the wheel. The bump stops will stop it from touching the wheel. The black one the suspension failed and i was still able to drive it to get repairs done. Take a look at this one on its Bump Stops

Also, its funny you talk about "stupid kids" putting aftermarket wheels on there car because of width but do not say anything of the off road individuals that put larger mud size tires on there trucks for off roading. To each there own and happiness people.

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of "Expression"
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A...you're not a stupid kid. Bad choice of words on my part.
B...that red rig is FAR from the bump stops.
C...the diameter has nothing to do with it if the wheel sticks outside of the wells...because being on the bump stops WILL make the fenders rub on the stock diameter wheels.

d, e, f, and g.... sorry for coming off like a buttface.
I'm with Kmag on this one.

I've done the numbers on the tyre sizes and they are 30.03", I used to have 30.04" tyres on mine and I was just on the limit for bump stop rubbing.

However, the width and wheel spacing of those things on Craig's list will either push the wheels inward causing rubbing on full lock at standard height and making the truck handle worse OR push the wheels out past the wings and should the truck be dropped into Access mode or fault to the bumpstops then bodywork will be sitting on top of rubber. And that gets very expensive very quickly.
I have drove 22's on bump stops for 13 miles with no damage and was able to turn. Diameter does play a factor if you decide to get extra width wheels because of the fender. Granted, you have room to play if you dont exceed width, but none if you do. You guys are look at this from a factory width perspective, I am not. You brought up a valid point with the air suspenion bottoming out with larger width wheels. I was just stating that if he did not exceed the diameter he would be ok if he still has the EAS and it faulted.

Now that were all friends again, I need coffee and a biscuit.
What size wheel and tyre were your 22"s?

The craig's list wheels are wider and have a different offset so will sit about 1.5" further out.
As I said, I had oversize off-road tyres which would rub slightly when on the bumpstops. The CL wheels will sit 1.5" further out!
Ok Peeps...
I gotta own up to something....
The wheels are mine, and I was gonna sell them, and was "Told" they were for a Range Rover...
But now, my Girlfriends is a week away from picking up her "new" 1998 4.6 HSE with 110k on bought from a friend. Its gonna be a street machine, for running the 2 big dogs we have to the park etc... no offroading planned.
Here it is...

The tires on it at the moment are worn and sun cracked and ned replacing... you see where I was going?

Fact is, IMHO the wheels look pretty sweet, and not "blingy" at all..

I dont like "Bling" and as a reference... if it does not insult anyone, here is my Jeep 5.9LTD on 20" wheels that I was also told would not fit..

I guess at this point the only sensible thing to do would be to wait til we pick up the RR and throw the wheels on and see if they "might work"!

Great discussion tho... keep firing, and Great Forum!
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They will physically fit on the car and physically fit under the arches.
But given the rubber tyres on it at the moment are sun-cracked and weathered think what the rubber air springs and valve block internals are like. The tyres will become a problem when the suspension goes into hard fault and drops the body onto the tyres.
Given that you are soon to get the car, and already have the tyres, I'd add an air suspension rebuild to the shopping list.

Two of these
http://www.rover-renovations.com/Arnott ... 40-blf.htm
Two of these
http://www.rover-renovations.com/Arnott ... 60-blr.htm
And one each of
http://www.rover-renovations.com/Air-Su ... 0-%20k.htm
http://www.rover-renovations.com/Air-Su ... 1-seal.htm
http://www.rover-renovations.com/Air-Dr ... 12-des.htm

It may seem a lot but it means you will have problem free air suspension and won't destroy those expensive 20" tyres.

Feel free to disregard this if your girlf's new motor has already had this done.

Nice Rover, BTW.
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Thanks Tim!
In fact for the record, I am a Brit, and a Rover refugee, displaced to Southern California!
I will post a full intro thread when we get the RR on the drive, but here is what I know about it... this one family owned it since 2001, and its been Dealer serviced. Maybe the suspension has been done...
I will get a full history when we get it but it needs:
Roofliner retrim.
Heater core O rings or a new core.

They wanted to keep it but its been killing them on service... so I can handle this stuff, and the GF needs a Doggy car...
Done deal!
You could get some big bump stops and just leave it in normal ride height all the time. Cause ain't NObody likes a ride on bump stops.
IMHO not a fan of 20's, too much rubber, Go big or don't go at all. I do like the style though. Put them on and SHOW US! I could be wrong about 20's but a lot of the domestics around here look stupid with them.
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