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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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hahahaha. i wonder how many of these intro postings there are. :lol:
Picked RvrMechanic because since we purchased the vehicle, that's where I've been.
Man can these things be pains in the ass....
It's a 2003 rover.
I'm an ASE certified Master Mech, and I've been wrenching for like 12 years.
I can get around almost any vehicle with some pretty basic diagnostic equipment (I dont even
own anything other than an actron scanner) just using a lot of mechanical know how
and common sense. But since the purchase of this rover I am realizing that if I dont want to
lose income making runs to the nearest dealer I might have to purchase something serious...
and on a side note, I've never seen so many fuses in a car. ridiculous.

I've had the car for like two months now and done a lot of side reading on this site about it...
this site is awesome. you guys have no idea how many people probably reference this site.

so ahead of time, thank you for the help and I will give back what I can. Cool to be a part of it.
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