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I have seen Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and Automobile magazines' tests of the 2010 Sport. What I'd like to know is why no one, as I can find, has an actual track test of the car. I know you "off-roaders" would say who cares, but I'd like to know it's real performance. Rumor has it is these cars, either S/C or N/A, are faster than what LR is reporting. Let's see how the new suspension works. What about the new brakes? Has anyone found a "REAL" test of these? I don't see why there's such a delay. Even a stinking Mitsubitshi Outlander GT, Ford Flex Ecoboost, Hyundais get road tests. Why not the new LR lineup?

Off topic- Why can't I get my freakin' 2010? What's taking so long? It was ordered at the end of August! ETA... Feb or March without cams. Come on!
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