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Why is my ride so harsh with coils?

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I bought a 99 4.0 and it had been converted to coil springs and it rides horribly. I am not sure what brand of conversion it is. Any ideas as to why or what I can do? I have never had a vehicle that rides so bad. It looks like the suspension bushings are newish as well as the shocks. The vehicle was really well taken care of maintenance wise by the PO. Is it just the springs? Does anyone make a cushy spring suspension for these? I currently have newer 19" factory wheels with the factory Michelin 4x4 Synchrone tires.
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Ok the measurement on my old OE shock fully collapsed was 12.25 inches from center of loop to the lip on the stem. The Pro Comp spec is:
Extended Length (in) 21.750 in.
Collapsed Length (in) 13.150 in.

So with less than an inch difference, not to mention that I now recall seeing a spec somewhere on these that said they work in applications with no lift - you should be just fine.
thanks for checking. sounds like a good deal also.
Definitely partially caused by the 19" rims. There isn't much cushion on those. I have 19's and 235/35r19 Toyo's on my Volvo S60R. I feel everything and crash each bump. When I put on my 17" winter rims, my car feels like a sofa.

The valving could also be bad on the shocks. If your shocks are too short they could be maxing out or the valves are tooled and the dampning is locked out.
I have the Bilstien setup from AB on factory 16"s. The ride is decidedly not harsh at all. Do you have any spring sag?
I'm not sure about spring sag but it looks like my springs only leave about two inches until it hits the bumpstops. I think I am going to go with some new springs and some monroe sensatracs. Monroe lists different shocks for the front and the rear and they are pricey. I am going to go with two inch lift springs and the monroes for the rear of the Discovery, which are only $30. I'll let you know what it rides like after.

I need to sell my 18" wheels first so I can have the cash for the springs and shocks. If you know anyone who is looking for a set of four of the 18" 10 spoke factories for the LR3 and sport along with the right lug nuts for $400, let me know.
I would advise against the Monroe sensatracs if you are going to be running a lift. The shock is progressive, it rides soft and smooth in the center of its travel and firms up as it moves away from center. A lift can put the shock outside of the 'comfort zone' during normal driving, with it diving into the soft part of its travel on the bound and abruptly back to the firm 'control zone' as it gets back. This uneven damping could possibly cause a reduction or loss of traction if you hit a hard bump at speed/when cornering. I'm no shock expert but I've run these on my Disco I for some time now and even at standard ride height I'm not a huge fan. The 'comfort zone' is super bouncy, not a lot of damping. there's definitely a blance to be struck between comfort and performance, I'm not sure the sensatrac achieves either. Of course your mileage may vary `)
And of course if you run a lift, even a couple inches, try to get something with a bit of extended travel, as I found out the hard way even parking lot speed bumps can cause issues and be hard on things with the shocks reaching the limit of their travel, especially in the rear.
Here's a pic from the Monroe site to help illustrate how the damping changes along the travel of the sensatrac:
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Excellent post fiftywattplexi, you bring up a very valid point. I too would shy away from the Monroe's in this case since you are contemplating a lift. If you don't want to spring for Bilstein or Koni (don't blame you $), then consider a shock better designed for the lift and in turn control both on and off road. I'd suggest a reasonably priced Skyjacker Hydro (Nitro's will be too stiff most likely), a ProComp Hydro, and OME might be another option to ask around about. Edelbrock IAS are ones I have conteplated buy yet to try, but I am going to try them on my ZJ (3.5" of lift). http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new ... main.shtml
I see. I would hate to be on the control side of things all the time. I just liked the price and I know that the rear disco shocks were longer than the stock P38 shocks so I thought that combo would work well. Know I am not sure what to do. I want something soft because the vehicle is a daily driver. I am definately going to replace the springs with the rovertym ones. Once I do this I will sell off my 18" wheels and tires as well as my 19" wheels and tires so I can get the stock 16's with some new 265/75's.

I had Ranco RS9000 adjustables on both my ZJ and my TJ. They were both lifted and I kept them on the softest setting. The ride was great on and off road. I didn't do anything high speed offroad, everything was slow rock crawling. I always see people bagging on Ranchos, but I have had good luck with them.
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Part of the reason I like the ProComp ES9000 is beacuse they are soft enough to tackle a variety of offroad situations but a good enough valving balance to have some decent road manners (of course any non adjustable shock is going to be a bit of a compromise betwen the two types of performance characteristics). They ran me under $40 each so it was a great budget shock that was definitely more robust looking that the OEM ones if price is a concern.
Hey and nothing wrong with Ranchos even though I do agree that lots of people bag on them. Seems to be more because of the c*ck trucks they are bolted to than the performance of the shocks themselves. `)
50watt --

I'm looking for shocks for my 99 4.0SE -- the prior owner converted the vehicle with the Atlantic British standard coil kit. Do you think the ProComp ES9000s would work for a non-lifted P38 with standard coils?



Yes the ProComp ES9000 p/n 921573 will work just fine for a non lifted coil kit.

Does your front coil conversion look similar to this image ? Pair of Heavy duty "Kings" on the left & a Classic OEM on the right !

See if you can visualise or count the number of 'pitches' for your current front/rear spring units including coil steel diameters.

From here we can provide some assistance without resorting to stripping your suspension-buying unsuitable replacement parts.


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.[attachment=0:15rznnhx]RRcoilHD.jpg[/attachment:15rznnhx]


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