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so, I have a question.

I still have this 50+mph vibration going on, I had it minor on my 20's (Stock) eventhough tires were balanced...

so I purchased 22's and I really hoped to go away, but it got worse.

I did road force wheel balance by paying extra $$, but no luck here..

so how had this experience. how was the vibration? is it just on steering wheel? or the whole car?

does anyone can have specific symptom?

I have 1500 miles left until my factory warranty expires, so I would like to take care of this ASAP, but I should know enough to tell the dealer..


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Re: Who had 50+mph Vibration before weather its fixed or not

I had a vibration that went away after I took it to the dealer for balancing.Went from 19" to 20" Stormers. If its an older build, I see that there are TSBs to replace few parts.

1.20-inch Wheel Installation Limitations
Situation: 20-inch wheels installed on a vehicle originally built with smaller wheel sizes (18 inch or
19 inch), may lead to customer concern of steering shimmy and steering 'pull' under heavy braking if
the vehicle is not equipped with a "damped" steering rack. 20-inch road wheels can only be installed
to vehicles that are equipped with a damped steering rack. Some non-supercharged vehicles do not
have a damped rack.
Action: Should a customer request a 20-inch wheel installation, refer to the Service Information
detailed in this bulletin and inspect to ensure that installation of the 20-inch wheels is possible if the
vehicle was manufactured prior to VIN 6A917472.

2. Steering Wheel Vibration / Steering Shimmy
Situation: A customer may report a concern that the steering wheel vibrates in a side to side motion
or 'shimmy' when the vehicle is traveling at 50-70 mph (80-112 kph). This situation is more noticeable
when 20 inch alloy wheels are installed. Tire flat spots, wheel assembly balance or tire radial force
variation can lead to this situation.

The 2nd calls for a balance and failing which to replace he steering gear.
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