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whistling/sucking noise from 94 LSE

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Hi all,

Hoping you can help, suddenly a noise is apparent whenever I accelerate, its a kind of sucking rushing of air sound, any ideas?

No apparent change in performance.
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Have you looked under the hood yet? It could be a disconnected intake hose or even a locked up fan clutch.

I get then noise in mine once in a long while. Once I kick the wife out it usually disappears. :mrgreen: It could also be your wallet gearing up for a major failure. :lol:
I'll take a look after work, I can almost hear it under the car when window is closed.
craigvmax said:
its a kind of sucking rushing of air sound, any ideas?
Is it like the noise a mechanic makes before he shakes his head and says "it's going to cost..."?
Probably just your intake being noisy. Have you modified it at all, or switched to a K&N filter?
viscous fan proberly stuck throw it in the bin
My Defenders 3.9 makes this noise around 70 on the interstate if I am maintaining speed.. It sounds just like the turbo on a big rig if i pass by.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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