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First I don't want to start a contest! Please! You all have your preferences, but please don't argue, just advise and guide me.

My 95 rover 4.0 died a quick and quiet death by smoke failure. Many miles - some health issues but overall it did well. Then the wiring harness burned out and ALL the smoke leaked and we all know British cars need pressured smoke to run. So sad! I miss it.

I am looking for a more recent version of the Range Rover, but there are various models and sub models. I am thinking the large Range Rover to haul a boat and give me a nice ride, not the smaller versions. The questions are generally what models are better?

Are the Ford or TATA years better?

Is the Supercharged models better than not supercharged?

What general issues are to be expected from all models?

Other than the standard inspections: fluids, rust, leaks, body work are things I should be aware? Note: I am mechanically competent and have many British sports cars over the years even to frame off complete rebuild, engine / wiring harness, shocks, transmissions, differentials etc.

The air bags. How do you test for shock pillows failure? (the 95 cane used with shock over replacement)

What other questions should I be asking?

Thanks for your advice.
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