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Which Range Rover should I choose

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Hi All,

Just joined and looking for some advise. Looking to spend about £25K on a secondhand RR. What is the best one to go for, I'm guessing the Vogue SE but what are the differences between the 3.0L engine and the 3.6L ? I'm guessing the diesel is best.


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I have had a 3.0 L TD 6 and now have the 3.6 L V8.

There is a vast difference between the two. The 3.0 L is old style and less refined compared to the newer 3.6 L which is smooth and has more power.

I also have the Vogue SE which has some very nice `Toys` but be aware when these machine go wrong it will cost you. If you are buying it on a budget then think long and hard as the more that the spec has the more there is to go wrong.

If you do buy one and want to have the best Land Rover work carried out on the vehicle as and when required then the best around is Team Valley Land Rover based in Gateshead. They look after my vehicle and do the best work that I have ever seen. They also win awards for their approach to customer satisfaction.

So if it were me looking to buy one it would be the Vogue SE 3.6.
Make sure all the books are with the vehicle and the services have been done with supported bills being present, etc.

There are plenty of vehicles out there so look around and take your time. Prices differ depending upon colour, etc

Mr R
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Thanks Mr R, do you know when the engine changed from 3.0 to 3.6 ? 2005 ?
Change was 2006 from BMW to Jag.

Mr R
I have the 4.4 2004. If I could get a diesel here in the states I would, before anything else. I know the diesel is rougher and louder, but there's no killing a good diesel. Since I drive 30,000 miles a year, I don't expect to get more than four or five years out of my truck (I always buy used with around 100,000 miles). I could get a lot more out of a diesel and would only have to worry about components and the rest of the truck wearing out. That's my $.02 worth.
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