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Which OBD code reader should I buy?

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So it has come to this thought----Land Rover needs to include a OBD reader and $2000 USD for every vehicle. Since they rudely refuse It has become apparent that I need to get a OBD reader---Which one will do the best to clear out and read codes?

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Keep away from the Hawkeye, I tried one today for a luagh as I have reading through another topic related to it and had to see for myself, its utter utter junk ( I have a better word for it but..) very very limited
There is plenty of information here in the diagnostic equipment forum. It all depends on how much you want/need it to do and how light you want your pocket book.
THanks---I did start to read posts---most are somewhat confusing as they do not compare directly one of the common OBD readers on the market---so i guess none of the cheap alternatives will work----I guess is not the best answer---Also my Land rover mechanic said the early P38--my 1995 model was not exactly like the 1996 and later models for reading and clearing the OBD--any idea,s. You were correct I have been a member for awhile but never ventured to this Diagnostic area---and I lost my coffee cup lid somewhere too---
So after reviewing all choices I got the same one that Atlantic british sells except way cheaper on Amazon---Innova---

Could not get a read except error when i tried it---Argh---so i figured let it be---hooked up and drove some----I got codes allright----4 different----copied down and then went for broke and see if i could clear all the codes----after it asked if i really wanted to----it did! Not one person said this would work on my RR---Ah---the taste of victory is very sweet-
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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