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This has been talked before IIRC. But i would like to investigate for my scenario.

I have AirSus still working well and i'm about to change my DMF/Clutch/all 4 airsprings with all 4 shocks.
I do not go off roading as much as you folks on UK/USA/SA etc. only an occasional hill-climb like on my way to
a construction site. Most of the time it's on road travel where some roads are like gravel, and has huge pot holes.

So what would be the best to go for?
1) Genuine/OEM shocks
2) Monroe Twin Action Gas shocks
3) OME shocks (BTW what's is this shock exactly?)
4) Other

I have a budget around 100-120GBP for a set of four shocks. So would love to hear your ideas.


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The original setup is very good for road handling and most off-road work.

With the standard EAS setup I'd suggest you stick with the original Boge shocks.

OME = Old Man Emu

Cheers, Paul.
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