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Where to obtain a NAV disc + white screen of death...?

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Lost my Nav disc for my 2001 RR P38 HSE. Hoping someone can direct me to a source for one. Also have the White screen of death on NAV display. I was unaware of the 2 minute wait prior to battery disconnection and have failed in that department and hope someone can elaborate on the dilemma and can detail what most likely needs to be done to make it whole again. new boot disc possibly help?
2nd question:
Considering disabling the display and / or the nav computer (white screen is annoying) , but will this cause the radio sound system to have issues? such as now there is very little volume output from the radio/CD when attempting to adjust louder.
The girlfriend suggested I place her picture over the display...hmmm, my dog might get jealous over this...what to do?
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nav disc is a push, besides 18 yr old nav system is pretty much obsolete. as far a white screen I have never heard of a positive outcome of recovery, often times the screen is disconnected, left in place to block the hole and if radio is good use it. other wise the whole system gets deleted and replaced with something newer.
there are numbers of options, if you're able to do it your self great and this route your best option is crutchfield. they offer wonderful support, otherwise a local radio shop.
Obsolete? Not entirely. Fun? yep!
(I carry a spare NavMan in the cubby for when James get's confused.)
Off road, the old system is the best!
Having said that........
You can find disks on ebay, or go to wreckers and see what has been left in place.
You have probably terminally bricked the nav computer, so again, the wreckers yard or ebay for you there. You can try removing the power from the nav computer (unplug in the back) for at least an hour and re connect.
If you need to replace, get one from an 01-02 as there are a few different units. Check part number against yours.
In the meantime, if the sound system is good, then leave it. Unplug the nav computer in the back. This should kill the screen as well as getting your volume back as the nav unit is muting the audio as if it is getting ready to tell you where to go.
Total replacements have been covered lots of times here. Some posts with part numbers and photos. (Search is your friend)
Good luck!
Much thanks for your suggestions! Crutchfield is a great suggestion as my experience with them has always been very good technically speaking. You pay a tiny bit more for product, but support can be priceless...well worth it. Bolt, your suggestion regarding getting the volume back disconnecting the nav makes total sense in that it could be muting volume since I probably trashed the unit not following power down procedures....live and learn they say. I will be attempting that suggestion next. thanks all!
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