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Where to get the yellow relays?

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Whilst browsing my fuse box the other day, I noticed that the tops of several yellow relays have a small brown patch on the plastic.

Getting a bit hot, I suppose.

Well, I'd like to change them.

Do I go to land Rover and bend over, of are they generic? If generic, what do I ask for?

Available freely at my local motor shop ...... ?
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Hi SpiggyTopes
check out http://www.britishparts.co.uk/.sc/ms/ca ... ectrical/2. Haven't a clue what the Rand/GBP exchange rate is but I've imported two lots of stuff to australia from this crowd and have been VERY happy with both price and speed of service. they export all over the world
If memory serves me well the yellow ones are standard 4 pin type, very commonly used in auto electrics for many applications so no need to buy LR only cos they will be outragously priced, most spares shops carry these in stock but
be certain of quality ie Bosch, Hella

Dont mess with the ABS black relay or try and modify a bog standard one to fit as I have seen a ABS pump blow because someone thought it woul be ok to trim down one connector
If you do go "generic" make sure that they are of the "resistor" type to minimise the chance of voltage spikes (there's a diagram of what I mean engraved on the outer casing of the yellow relay).
Many thanks, both!
i've got a few of the genuine yellow relays knocking around if you want them. I'm not feeling the postage to SA tho!

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