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Hi Guys,

After doing my research about wheel nuts, I ordered some from the UK for the Disco 3 wheels I am fitting to my RR. Everything I read said I needed the conical silver ones instead of the black ones I already have. I got the wheels today and tried them on with the old black nuts and they seem to fit just fine. Have I ordered expensive new nuts for nothing? Or, is there something I am missing?

They seem to fit perfectly.

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The nuts will physicaly fit on your wheels but they will not seat properly becauase the recess is dished. This will cause a stress raiser in that area and will eventualy cause the wheel seat to crack.
Can someone post a picture of the lug nuts side by side? If someone posts the black ones, I can post the silver ones.
Can one use 2006 nuts whilst using 2003 wheels? I'm guesing not being BMW they will be of a superior quality that doesnt rust after ten minutes?
The 2006MY-onwards wheel nuts are too big in diameter to fit the smaller holes of pre-2006 wheels.

Land Rover raised a Technical Service Bulletin back in July 2005 which stated that the black wheel nuts should not be used with the later wheels :

"Situation: Alloy wheel and wheel nuts have changed configuration on the 2006 Range Rover models to a style similar to that used on the LR3. The change means that compatibility of Range Rover alloy wheels and lug nuts is linked to model years.
The 2006MY Range Rover alloy wheels have a modified wheel nut seat with a tapered angle. The new wheels are installed using wheel nuts of the same type used on LR3 and also Range Rover Sport. These wheel nuts are not compatible with the wheels fitted to 2003-2005 MY Range Rover vehicles.
Action: Wheels and wheel nuts (KIT or standard equipment) used on 2003 2005 MY Range Rovers must not be used on 2006 MY vehicles. Locking wheel nut kits are now model year specific and must match the wheels being installed. Model Year 2006 locking wheel nut kits will be announced shortly."

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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