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Wheel Spacers - Initial Thoughts

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Well, this was supposed to be a nice 'before' and 'after' thread with pictures so you all could see the difference between spacers and no spacers. Unfortunately, I managed to delete all the before pictures. :think:

There should be some pictures of the car 'before' floating around for those who care.

I installed a set of 4 CNC hub-centric spacers 25mm in width (approximately 1 inch). I got them off eBay since it was by far the cheapest route. They appear to be top quality and all fit without issues. I had a professional do the install but it would be an easy job for someone with time and the right tools.

I made this modification for mostly aesthetic reasons. After having 20 inch wheels on the car for so long, I got used to the wheels coming out flush with the fender arches. The factory 8.5 inch wheel, even with a meaty tire, still sits inside the wheel arch. I am sure this offers some technical advantages for severe articulation, but it just looks like kind of off. The spacers give the car a much more aggressive stance in my opinion.


Land Rover Disco II Factory rims 16" x 8.5"
BFG Mud-Terrain KM2 255/70/16

Final Thoughts:

For those of us with a mostly factory suspension set-up and 255-series tires or smaller, the spacers provide a more aggressive look with slightly increased cornering and stability, though probably not too noticeable.

The downside is that if you have factory springs or the Generation II springs (what I have), you get some pretty horrendous rubbing in access mode (same issue as with the 20" rims). You also get some rubbing upon sharp steering in normal height mode. In high mode there is no rubbing whatsoever. Trail results to come soon.

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Looks good, lower it down I want to see the spacing tire/wheel well
G'day, here in Australia there ilegal, don't know how you go over there with insurance :?:
I have never heard of any DMV laws here banning wheel spacers explicitly. Regardless, I would think as long as the wheels don't stick out beyond the fenders, there would be no reason to assume spacers were used.
rhino_ed said:
Looks good, lower it down I want to see the spacing tire/wheel well
Agreed. I like it and want some more pics.
More pics please and link to said spacers. Been meaning to pick up a set for my truck.
Looks good, I would think less tire rub with spacers than without. I have 255-70/16 firestone at,s on mine.
They only rub When turning in access height so basically never.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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