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Hi Everyone! First poste here. I have a 2009 RR Sport HSE. I bought 25mm spacers (lug centric). The Center Bore is 87.1mm and I understand that the bore size for me is 72.6mm. I'm getting some shimmy. I tried to readjust, tighten the lugs, but I'm worried I'm going to do some long term damage, etc. I have heard that buying rings will help this issue.

If you were me, and wanted 25mm spacers on your 2009 Sport, would you return the spacers I have now, or just get the rings? If I was going to go the ring route, what size should I get if I am keeping the stock wheels? Any suggestions of where to buy either if I was on a budget? (hence my lug centric purchase ;-)

Please don't hurt me and thanks for any suggestions!
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