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Wheel Alignment Cost

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I went down to my local Indy mech to correct my slightly crooked sterring wheel, and slight pull issue, i figured it was an alignment any half decent one could do it. Now they phoned me up and say i needed to replace the tie rods, i said okay i understand, but then they said total for alignment and parts would be $972.00....
Now iam no mechanic But that just sounds like BS, or does it sound correct?. I'am going to call my local land rover mechanic and bring my car in and see what he gives me for a quote instead.
What's the amount i should be paying to replace the tie rods, and alignment on a Range Rover for anybody that has done it at a mechanic>?.
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Tie rod ends are pretty cheap from AB. Install them yourself (it's just one big ass bolt per rod, essentially)... alignments are normally around $60, but there's only one measurement that's adjustable on these (toe) so you can actually do it yourself pretty easily and accurately with the help of a shower curtain rod.

Go get dirty and save $500 minimum. Plus...you could probably do the whole thing faster than you could drive to the garage and back. It's that easy.
Shower Rod huh, I like that..

I'm with Kmagnuss .This is one of the easiest jobs on the RR. All you need is a ball joint splitter (I prefer pickle fork types) and 1 socket or spanner to remove, plus spanners to adjust if you are going to adjust your self. The main tip with this one is to fully remove both nuts before splitting.
When putting new in, just set up length of assembly to match old to get it close and then take it for tracking to get spot on.
I did complete job including paying to have tracking done and buying splitter for under £100.
I've just had alignment done, as I replaced all tires. Cost was around $80 USD, with one of those fancy laser/infrared high tech alignment tool thingy.
It depends on what they are replacing.

(I think the disco 2 and p38 is interchangeable, at least according to roversnorth)




So it can add up. But give the rod ends a shake and if they move then its time to change them out. If they are just doing a alignment, with one or two rod ends, then I think they have their decimal in the wrong place. Shower curtain rod :think: ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwGrC0KicSo&feature=related :D .

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