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I've rebuilt the top end of my 4.6 v8 after it had overheated.

I've had it running up to temperature and it seems to operate correctly, with the top hose getting hot after a while, but staying squeezable.

When filling the system I blew through the breather pipe as per the Rave instructions then filled with water, then started it up and carried on filling as the level went down. I then squoze the top pipe a few times to aid it. I've not let it run for too long as I haven't got the fan fitted yet.

The only things that worried me so far were:

When it first starts there is no smoke but as it gets warm I start to get white smoke, I do know that the exhaust had quite a bit of water in it from sitting for a year with the manifolds removed. You could see one of the exhaust boxes is wet on the bottom edge where it must have developed a pin hole and is letting water out.

The other thing I noticed was that the coolant tank seems to stay pressurised - is that normal. I ran the car for a few minutes to reverse out of the garage to work on the brakes. I then took the cap off a couple of hours later and it hissed.

Temperature has not be past half on the gauge. Can't take it for a good run to clear the water out of the exhaust as I havent finished the brakes yet.

It has a sinle point LPG system fitted I'd heard that they can cause air pockets due to them being quite high. Is there anything to watch with them?

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