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What people say..

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My mom has a 2008 Range Rover Sport, and i'm always hearing things from other people saying that land rover has horrible electric systems, and the engines are bad. I just want to know what happened that make people say this because my mom's sport is fine.
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There is some truth to the general stigma that the Land Rover brand has. For the most part the reputation was earned with the older models (no offense Classic owners ;) ), but there's no denying there are a few issues with the new ones as well. The reason I think you hear it so much about the new Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports is pretty simple: jealousy and/or brand loyalty. People that can't have a RR or RRS feel the need to put them down. Folks that are die-hards for Ford, Chevy or Dodge trucks and SUVs have to knock on the Brit contender.

Me, I just like great vehicles. I guess I'm a Chevy guy at heart, but for what I wanted out of a SUV there was no match for the RRS (Supercharged in my case).

The raw numbers say that LRs do have about the worst reliability:

But these numbers are very leading, imho. For example, a LR owner is going to bring it in for a minor squeak or rattle and report it as an issue that a Kia owner is just going to live with. There are also soooooo many more systems in a LR than in an econo-box that there are simply more things to go wrong.

But my argument has always been that I don't really care if there are a few issue as long as LR can easily fix them, at their cost not mine. I had a Lexus IS250 that turned out to be a Lemon, and Lexus/Toyota is supposed to be one of the best (of course we've all seen their issues of late). That is a real issue to me: when the manufacturer can't fix it.

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I am originally from Lebanon/Syria ,middle east ; over there LR cars ,particularly RR , are the most luxurious ,dreamed off cars EVER ,it is only for VIPs either in business or government or military ,(armored RR is common too) , same applies to our neighbors in oil countries ,however it is very expensive ,it is almost triple the price here ,I don`t remember my friends who own one to bitch about it like people do here! .
I have to tell you If I stayed in Lebanon I would have never been able to buy it (God bless USA :thumb: ) , people in UAE ,KSA ,Kuwait save money by traveling to USA ,buying RR and shipping it home and it is still cheaper for them , however LR dealerships in USA are prohibited to ship brand new cars to those countries otherwise they will loose their franchise .
As far as I was told US market price is the cheapest all over the world ,yet people r still not satisfied and the car is not that popular but I don`t care as my dream has been fulfilled and I own RR and HER pictures all over my facebook profile .
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so range rover sports don't necessarily have the problems that the classic or older models would have?
Does the Range Rover Sport count as part of the Range Rover in that Consumer Report?
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