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A month ago, I bought 4 TPMS and installed it on the factory 20s and still the TPMS light with CHECK TYRE PRESSURE warning comes out. I just got my diagnostic tool and checked and error which says spare wheel so I bought the same TPMS model (433mhz) and installed it on my spare wheel (donut).

I drove it for a good 5 miles going home but it hasn't relearned and still get the TPMS warning light with CHECK TYRE PRESSURE warning. I got conflicting information that the TPMS should be 355mhz and not 433mhz on the 2007 RRS. However, some say 433mhz on the 2007 RRS so I don't know which is the correct frequent.

Can someone confirm as I bought 433mhz TPMS and still get an error. My question is, if its the wrong frequency, should I be getting different error? By the way, my tire pressure is 40 front and 42 rears and spare is 60psi.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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