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The steering column shroud in my 1992 RRC is loose, as it's missing screws and has a number of cracks and broken attachment points. And the combination switches are loose, because they fasten to the shroud. I took it apart to see what it would require to fix it and found that the screw that goes through the switch bracket and the fiber optics bulb holder, doesn't screw into anything!

I paged through both the parts book and the service manual, and don't see what this screw is supposed to fasten to. I first thought the ignition switch should have a boss there, but perusing photos of used switches on eBay shows that they all look like mine. The back of the switch has a square space that looks like it may have been for a wedge, but I don't see one in my shroud or in my lower dash. And I can't find a good photo showing the back of the switch bracket to tell what may go there.

What is that screw supposed to go into? And does it help keep the switches fastened to the column?

My ignition switch and upper column tube.

The mystery screw, and square opening in the bottom of the combination switches
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