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What is different between MY06 & MY07 HSE?

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I am thinking about getting an 07 over the 06 but need to know if there is any difference in the trucks.

I now that the 07 will give me one more year of warranty and I hope that it still includes the routine maintenance......
But what other differences are there ......BlueTooth?

What options should I be looking for on an HSE?
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Looks like you've had a stable of Rovers. Will you be offroading any? If so, I would suggest the locking rear diff; it probably isn't going to add much to an '07 as it was a $500 option new; may be harder to find though.
No I am keeping my 96 as it is completly rebuilt.

Just need to know what the minor differences between MY06 & MY07 and if I should be looking for any features like heated seats or cold weather pacakge or BT etc....


Only minor differences between 06 and 07s. PTI / Bluetooth was an option on 06s, standard issue on all 07s. The front passenger window became auto up/down, like the driver's. A clock function was added to the message center to copy the one displayed on the radio LCD. Supercharged owners got Sirius as standard equipment and could choose between LUX or perforated leather seats on MY07s.


umbertob, thanks for the informaiton.
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