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What is considered high kms/ miles on a V8 RRC?

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Down here in New Zealand I don't see many Classics with more than 250 000 kms or 150 000 miles.

What does everyone here consider high kms/ miles on a Range Rover V8?

What is the highest you have seen on a factory Range Rover V8, ie not re-conditioned?

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My Classic was nudging 160k miles when I used it for some unplanned high-speed road-side landscaping.

I've seen Classics in ebay UK with near 200k on them, history unknown. Over here, the rust will take out the inner panels before the mechanicals die.
I reckon someone from a dry area, south west US or central Australia, will have the highest mileage Classic.
didnt see any over 250. mine overheated at 200 and a liner slipped. that was the end of her. my other one at 216Km is leaking coolant all over and has a vacuum leak in the intake once it warms up, probably gonna go soon
Our '89 has 188,000 miles. I've been doing a lot of work on it this fall and winter (head gaskets, oxygen sensors, water pump again, converted to a Bosch alternator, and soon it'll get new timing cover gaskets and seals). I took it for a test drive today to check the alternator, and aside from a minor exhaust leak and a coolant leak from the timing cover, it's running fine. There's still plenty of winter left to work on it.

My '95 LWB has lived in Southern Colorado its whole life. Its never had repair work done to the engine or tranny. I've just rolled over 170,000 miles and it runs great. Doesn't burn a drop of oil, doesn't leak fluids (took a while to accomplish that task), and the oil comes out looking the same as it does when it goes in. I love my Rover.

My RRC has done 333000 km's. Stumbles a bit when cold, probably the CTS needs replacing, otherwise runs great. Gearbox is a mint.

The rig needs a new steering box (waiting for install on my shelf), leaks a bit of PSF, and also coolant from the radiator, (new radiator lies on the shelf also). It also needs new rear shocks and rear discs, which are also on the shelf. Some rust work from the b-pillar frontwards is also on the list.

I just love the car into bits! :lol:
Daily driver 206,000 miles. Just need to replace front tires and windsheild.
just passed 180K!! :dance:
I have 210,000 miles on mine and it is still running strong.
It was a southern California vehicle for most of it life so there is no rust on it any where!! :dance: :dance:
punkindad said:
It was a southern California vehicle for most of it life so there is no rust on it any where!! :dance: :dance:
Ardennes green of envy... :mrgreen:
Im at 230,000mi. I drive it everyday and it goes off-road a few times a month, mostly on the beach. Original motor, trans, transfercase, and axels. Lots of rust. I stuck my hand through the floor in the rear and when it rains I get sprayed throught the holes in the drivers floor. Most of my interior is missing, I dont have a radio, and I don't have a/c and only my drivers window goes down ( I live in Florida). I would never drive another car
Nice usage everyone is getting out of thier V8s!

Are 3.5s and 3.9s similar in reliablilty?

Mine is quite a dark brown colour under the oil filler cap. It has 175 kms/ 108 miles on the clock, should I be concerned?

My rocker covers were black with roasted, evaporated oil, but there was no sludge or crispy oil anywhere where clean oil is supposed to flow. The tappets were all shiny, and so was the cam when I changed my head gaskets last month. (My engine had already had its head gaskets changed once before and had composite 4.0 gaskets put on. Oddly, that was the problem, since one of those composite gaskets failed, letting coolant out to the front of the leftside head right at the water passage. I put on 3.9-style stamped steel gaskets just to see how well it would fare. So far, so good.)

I hit 120,000 Kms on mine and then I unplugged the speedo so things wouldnt start breaking down on me. Haha, just kidding....
Actually, my speedo is broke and parts on order. But yeah, 120,000 Kms and rising.
420,000 K's is the most I have seen on a 3.9 which the owner selling claimed it had never had the engine or tranny out and had only had the heads reco'd a few hundred tho ago.

I must admit my classics just past 230K's and its all orriginal and seems a bit tired but feels like it will go forever, my P38's just past 200K's but had a top end rebuild at 80K's.

Both leak oil and coolant from all sorts of wierd places.
Mines only done 200k, did the heads and cam shaft at 185k. The mechanic said that I could get another 60k or so out of the cam shaft but a new one would make up it's cost in reduced fuel usage. Did the heads because of a sticky valve, blame the crap fuel we used to get in NZ, too much sulphur I think. I expect another 100k from it without anything major.
matt said:
Did the heads because of a sticky valve, blame the crap fuel we used to get in NZ, too much sulphur I think.

Same problem with mine, sticky valve. I hope I don't have to do the heads. Mine has an intermittant miss, is that what yours had?

What octane were you running it on? I'm on 95 now but might make the move to 98.

What did the head work cost?
CSK, what's your mileage? I can't remember what it cost exactly as I was transferring the vehicle from a company I owned half of to one I owned 100% of, so did allot of work before the transfer. I recommend doing the job fully if you are close to 200k, with new cam, valves, get the heads machined etc, that way you can expect not to have to take the heads off again for another 150k. My understanding is that the bottom end can go 350k so doing the top end at 180k to 200k makes sense.
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