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What effect sport 275/40R20 on normal range rover?

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Looking to put some stormer RRS wheels on my range rover but most second hand ones have 275/40r20 tyres?

What effect would this have on the comfort/handling/steering/mpg read out etc? :think:

Currently i have 255/55/r19 on standard vogue 19 inch 6 spoke wheels?
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I have a set of 4 original Range Rover Supercharged wheels from my 2006 Supercharged. They are in perfect condition and have 4 x Yokohama 265/50/20 tyres on, they are fully balanced and have even tyre wear with around 6mm of tread on each (could be more).

They look nice and would not compromise your ride quality/handling.

Let me know if you want them as I'm going to put them on fleabay as soon as I can get some pics taken, I'm after £900 for the set.

I replaced them with 22" wheels with 285/35/22, which I have to say ride nice (although to be fair most of my driving is on motorways) and believe it or not were very good in the snow.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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