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What effect sport 275/40R20 on normal range rover?

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Looking to put some stormer RRS wheels on my range rover but most second hand ones have 275/40r20 tyres?

What effect would this have on the comfort/handling/steering/mpg read out etc? :think:

Currently i have 255/55/r19 on standard vogue 19 inch 6 spoke wheels?
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That's what I was worried about, it's nice and smooth at the moment but assumed the 20's with the lower profile may make it a bit harsh?

I've seen the other post with your 2010 19's and love the look of them but wanted something a bit bigger.

Would standard range rover wheels with 255/50r20 tyres be better than the range rover sport wheels with 275/45r20? :think:

255/55R19 = score of 10

250/55R20 = score of 8.8

275/40R20 = score of 6.1 - doesn't look too good?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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