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Can anyone help ?

What is the difference between the Right Front Door lock Actuator on a LDH and a RHD RR-P38.
In the parts catalogue, they have different partsnumbers.

I ask this question because have a 1996 LHD and want to know if I can use a Right Front Door Lock Actuator from a RHD vehicle.
In the wiring diagram in the workshop manual and description of the funtion, there seems to be no differnce.
It seems that both on LHD and RHD P38s Right Front Door Lock Actuators control the rear tailgate lock.
And it seems that right front door outstation is the same on both LHD and RHD vehicles.

I am aware of the differnce of the new ones (after september 1997) and the old ones (before september 1997) . It seems only to be the connector, and all the wires have the same colour. So it is no problem to solder the wires to the old connector.
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