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So, at 80k our 2004 alternator went out. Bought 2 off Ebay. One would overcharge to 20+ volts, and the second would charge but the red battery light remained on. I sent them both back and went to Autozone, which sold me one that didn’t work, and finally a second that did...for a while.

Within 10k the alternator would still charge, but when hooked up to an analyzer, it would show bad. Drove it that way another 50k miles until it finally died this week.

So, now I went to OReilly’s and bought another $400 alternator with a $60 core charge. 2 hours later it is installed but barely put out any current. Battery light remained on at all times. I returned it under the warranty, and the second one seems to work fine.

These are super heavy, water cooled alternators. They should last the life of the car, but in use they don’t even come close. Then, all the rebuilt ones are broken straight out of the box.

I don’t get it, and I’ve had enough practice changing in broken alternators.
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