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wet floor matts sides

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I lately changed the pollen filters, plenum filter and cleaned the sunroof drains. The o rings are also changed since they were leaking already when I bought the car.At least the spare wheel space is clean and dry so far. After some rainy days I discovered that the both front footwell carpets are wet on the part that is close to the door- outside part.
First i was thinking that maybe there i rust issue somewhere behind the front wheel but when I found out that both sides little bit wet, i believe it must be something else. Where to start?
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Self tapping screw just above the pollen filter housings is the usual place. Especially as you've recently had them out.
okey, i bought new set of screws and changed them all. Let's see if it will solve the issue. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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