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Wet floor boards

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I know, I know, it's been discussed, but the sticky I've read about existing on this forum continues to allude me. I think my a/c condensation is leaking in our 06 rrs, wet drivers side floor, and oddly drivers side passenger (which may be unrelated), how do I confirm its the a/c and how do I fix the issue. Thanks in advance
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Ok cool, I'm familiar with that process, I've done the front ones before, so I'll do those and the rear. Thanx
Where do the rear drain tube openings come out of the body, so I can clear(cut) the one way valves
The problem was the rubber grommet spout thingy that goes through fender under drivers side dash had deteriorated and fell in side of cabin under dash, prob why there was water in back, prob ran under door jam to back seat. Any ways had a piece of clear tubing laying around that was just the right diameter to fit snug into fender hole and sunroof drain pipe fit snug into clear hose, and problem solved. You know we cuss our rovers at times, but then it feels good to figure out the problems yourself with help from this forum. I guess it's a love hate relationship. Thanx PJPR01
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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