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Weird Problem: Alarm related?

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So I've been out of the ountry due to a family death and my g/f has been driving the RR while I was gone(she likes it btw heheheh).
Apparently she noticed a few days ago that the turn signals remain ON (not flashing, but Illuminated) once the truck is locked/unlcoked and stay like that for a long time. Starting it/shutting it off makes no difference.

My Keyless DOESNT work and I lock it normally, they had told me I needed a new FOB which i never got around to getting yet. Thoughts on this??? Something to do with the Alarm?
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That sucks I had the exact same issue, A transistor on the power board in the BECM has failed.
It's not as bad as it sounds. Get rave if you haven't yet! Ok you have a couple of choices, you can replace the BECM board that the transistor failed on or you can by pass the circut, and tie the blinker in to the side marker via a relay on that side of the car..I did the relay deal for 10 months and just replace the board about 3 days ago. I had the board for ten months though.
If you need more help then this send me a PM and i'll give you my cell number.

p.s. it's not alarm related...

We really all need to sort out circuitry on the power board of BeCM so we know what does what on it, I have a spare for investigation purposes but havnt had the time ti dig into it yet
So is it fixed then?
Updates are always welcome around here to help others with the same symptoms :thumb:

I've been driving it all day, problem still remains. I've made an appt to take it in, will update later.
Planning on fiddling with relays and checking the battery grund just incase.
Hopefully an appointment at an indy, and a good one at that.
I have heard waaaayyy to many horror stories to ever take ours to a shop, as there is more accurate information from the good people on here than at 99% of the "shops" out there :thumb:
Whenever my battery has run low, bad ground, etc, I have always had a "gearbox fault" displayed. I dont even look at the tranny, just check the battery anymore. They should rename "gearbox fault" to "your battery is having a bad day idiot" :lol:
Keep us posted!
So the well known indy was busy, so I took it to Land Rover Dealer nearby. Besides the fact they treated me extremely well and gave me a loaner ( i hope i dont jinx the experience), they fixed the problem.
IT WAS alarm related, because my fob was not programmed/working, the truck began thinking it was being broken into and was sending some sort of signals. After also repairng a severed wire near the back door, my FOB is working and all seems well, for now...
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