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Well folks see if you can help me with this

I have a 2009 FFRR Vogue with 3.6L TDV8

It is coming up with the following codes

P0730-00 Incorrect gear ratio
P0735-00 Gear 5 incorrect ratio
U0401-94 invalid data received from engine control module/powertrain control module
U0402-94 invalid data received from transmission control module
U0416-94 invalid data received from vehicle dynamics control module
U0403-94 invalid data received from transfer case control module

This only happens when towing (we tow a horse float 1.6 Tonne), with out the float no problems

It goes into limp home mode and comes up with a transmission error saying limited gears

When we use the manual selection and keep RPM up around 3000 - 3500 no problems

Could it be the Torque converter, valve bodies?

I have had the oil changed and it was very dirty and when this started i had the fluid changed a second time

Please help if you can


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